The Commission strongly condemns sharing explicit content on social media platforms. Sharing such content without consent is sexual harassment.
We’ve witnessed the rise of reports of online abuse in recent months compared to our past two years and it is evident that intimate videos and images are widely shared on message platforms.

It’s important to know that you can stop it if it is shared with you simply by not continuing the cycle. By sharing such content you are actively enabling sexual abuse and harassment.

Don’t share it, report it using tools on the social media or messenger platform and then report the matter to the police immediately.

The OSC works intimately with law enforcement to bolster online safety. Programmes such as our Online Champions workshops have provided community leaders, university students and parents with the opportunity to talk about what someone is watching, playing or simply scrolling past on their digital devices.

While this is another example of how abusers can use technology perversely, we urge communities and online citizens to take a stand against sharing nonconsented images or video. Remember: report it, block it, do not share it


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Project Coordinator – 2024

Project Coordinator – 2024
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