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Who we are

The Online Safety Commission (OSC) is an independent regulator for online safety in Fiji.

The Online Safety Act 2018 WAS ENACTED BY THE Parliament of the Republic of Fiji to establish the Online Safety Commission for the promotion of online safety, deterrence of harmful electronic communication and for related matters. The OSC started its operations in 2019 to provide an avenue to assist individuals confronted with harmful online content by delivering services and resources that help minimize the harm and educate ways to be proactive and safe online.

The Commission is actively pursuing efficient ways to promote online safety across the nation while establishing internationally recognized content to uphold stakeholders to a degree of integrity for digital spaces to be used productively and proactively with safety and responsibly at the forefront of our value system.

What we do 

Our purpose is to promote responsible online behavior and online safety, safe online culture and environment that addresses online bullying, online stalking, internet trolling and image based abuse.


"Fiji For Safer Internet"


"To educate Fijians on using digital spaces safely and responsibly. And establishing lead support for individuals facing harmful online communication."

Who we work with

The function of the OSC is to consult and work with relevant agencies, organizations or governments.

This includes government authorities, the technology industry, non-government organizations, parents, young people and many community groups.

Working with Social Media

OSC works with social media services to foster online safety.

Social media has become an integral part of life for many Fijians, and it has revolutionized the way we communicate and interact with each other.

However, social media can also provide a platform for online bullying and other forms of abuses. This can have devastating effects on the victim’s mental health and well-being and as such it is important that abusive materials be removed quickly from public view.



Nurturing a safe online environment for our nation is a collaborative effort by people from every part of Fiji.


Working together with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, regional frameworks, international bodies and other stakeholders to achieve the best outcomes for Fijians.


Treating information with the highest regard for privacy and discretion.


Designing and addressing systems and processes that would encourage digital literacy throughout Fiji.

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