Partnership With Law Enforcement

14 January 2020

Commission & Law Enforcement Fight For Fiji’s Safer Online Environment

After a year of establishment, Fiji’s Online Safety Commission is excited to announce that they’ve signed a memorandum of understanding with Fiji’s law enforcement agency to better protect individuals online.

The online landscape for Fiji is growing rapidly. And individuals continue to use the internet, social media, and other online platforms as part of their daily life experiences. The Commission was established to provide a space for individuals to raise their concerns of online abuse and find an appropriate form of redress.

This memorandum of understanding with Fiji’s law enforcement is put together with the intention of finding the best suited resolution for each matter. It is expected to be a long standing collaboration between the two agencies to provide Fijians with an avenue of resolving online abuse such as online bullying, image based abuse and much more.

The aim of this opportunity is to work in collaboration to resolve serious online abuse and work towards a strategy for raising community awareness to be safe online.

It was also important that this agreement allows for the ability for individuals who are faced with traumatic online abuse experiences to lodge a report with their nearest local police post. There has been a challenge of lodging reports with the Commission but in signing this agreement, individuals have an additional mechanism of visiting their nearest police post to lodge their report.

And Fijians can report directly online at or call the Commission’s complaints mobile (679) 9980242.


For more information, contact (679) 9980231 or email



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