Reporting Image Based Abuse

If someone shares or threatens to share an intimate image or video of you, Online Safety Commission can help remove the content or stop the threats. If you’re being blackmailed, don’t pay or give them more – stop all contact with the blackmailer.

What you can report to Online Safety Commission

The intimate image or video you are making the report about can show, or appear to show:

  • you nude or partly naked – such as a naked selfie
  • your genitals, bottom or breasts – even if you have underwear on (this includes upskirt shots)
  • you during a private activity – such as undressing, using the toilet, showering, having a bath or getting sexual
  • you without clothing of religious or cultural significance, if you would normally wear it in public (such as a hijab or turban).

The image or video can be:

  • real
  • altered or faked to look like you
  • shared in a way that makes people think it’s you, even when it’s not (such as a nude of someone else tagged with your name).

The image or video can be sent, posted or shared using:

  • an online platform or service (such as a social media feed, online game or other app)
  • a website, such as an image board or porn site

‘Sextortion’ is when someone blackmails you for money or more intimate content. If you’re being blackmailed, stop all contact and don’t pay the blackmailer or give them more money or intimate content. It’s not your fault and there’s help available.

Who can report image-based abuse?

You can make a report if:

  • you are the person in the intimate image or video
  • you are a parent or guardian of the person in the intimate image or video and they are a child under 18
  • you are a parent or guardian of the person in the intimate image or video and they need help due to a cognitive, mental or physical issue.


  • the person in the intimate image or video must ordinarily live in Fiji OR
  • the person who sent, posted or shared the intimate image or video, or made the threat to share it, must ordinarily live in Fiji.

How OSC can respond

Once you make an image-based abuse report, we will contact you (or the person you reported it for) as soon as possible.

  • We will check in and see how you are doing first, so we can make sure you have the emotional support you need.
  • We will usually contact the online platform or service used to send, post or share the intimate image or video or to threaten you. Then we will work with them to get the content removed or stop the threats. This may include removal of the account the other person used.


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