How Technology is Changing Education

A look at the importance of technology in teaching and learning!

Technology is a powerful tool that has changed how teachers teach and how students learn. It has provided people with access to education and access to different ways of communicating and working together.

  • Physical learning materials and equipment’s like paper, pens, and chalkboard.
  • Limited access to education materials and information.
  • Teaching and learning typically occurs in an in-person classroom setting.
  • Wider access to education materials and information.
  • More available channels and tools for communication as well as collaboration.
  • Enables a more personalized kind of learning for students.

Interactive technology opens up the way we teach and learn!

Interactive technology helps create opportunities for communication. It can encourage teachers and students to communicate more, share and discuss ideas, and collaborate with each other.

How technology helps teachers do their work

  • Allows teachers to be more flexible – teachers can use different teaching methods and tools to suit their lessons or students.
  • Helps teachers connect more with students – teachers are able to better communicate with their students and support them in their learning.
  • Allow access to more resources – teachers are able to find additional and updated learning resources that can help them with their work.

How technology helps students learn

  • Allows for a more personalized learning experience – students have more freedom to choose the methods and tools that help them learn best.
  • Improves students’ communication skills – students have access to different channels where they can communicate and collaborate with teachers and fellow students.
  • Helps students prepare for the future – students become equipped to face a highly technological future and will be able to easily adapt.

It’s important right now but is it the future?

Remote learning technology has been crucial to education right now, and it will likely be as critical in the future as schools determine the best way they can move forward. Schools can adopt or offer a combination of remote and in-person learning.

  • Online classrooms mean digital learning for everyone.
  • A global market for practical courses and credentials.
  • Improvement in the quality of blended learning.
  • Rising demand for skills-based programs.
  • Greater investment on interactive technology in solving the digital divide.


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