What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social media service that lets you create a page about yourself, an organization or group. You can add friends, write on people’s pages, share photos and videos including live videos.

The ‘Stories’ feature lets you post short videos to your profile and apply overlay and filter effects. These videos only stay on your page for 24 hours then disappear.

You can also subscribe to the pages of other people or organisations, so that you receive updates about them. You can like and comment on each other’s pages. Facebook has additional settings that allow you to moderate these comments (such as keyword blocking) and control if other people tag you. These functions are also available if you manage a Facebook page.

Age Limit: 13+ minimum age according to Facebook

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How can you report online abuse, ask for content to be removed or block someone?

How can you moderate comments and tagging?

How can you protect your personal information?

Key safety links

  • Parents portal 
    Provides a range of safety information for parents and carers about using Facebook.
  • Help Centre 
    Offers a range of general help, safety and security information and popular topics. 
  • Security check-up 
    Provides information on how to protect your information both on and off Facebook.
  • Data policy Outlines Facebook’s policy on the type of information they collect and how they use it.


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Project Coordinator – 2024
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