Domestic Violence

Our “Bula Spirit” has a way of finding good in the bad or finding something to smile about amidst a grim situation.

With the current lockdown period in the central division and containment areas around the country, it seems some of our Bula Spirit is struggling to be brought onto out online spaces.

A rise in online abuse reports and physical violence against women over the recent weeks attest to some of us dealing with unsafe homes.

While some welcome estranged family members back home, some may be finding this time more difficult than others.

While some working mums are excited to spend more quality time with their children, some are fighting to protect their children in their own homes.

Domestic and family violence is never one dimensional and technology advancements add another element to the mix.

Here are a few ways to stay safe online even during this lockdown period and please remember if you are in immediate danger, call 917 :

1. Change your password frequently on your social media profiles;
2. If a message is still in your message request folder, do not respond;
3. Call 1560 to speak to someone today.


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Project Coordinator – 2024

Project Coordinator – 2024
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