Did you know?

That you are a digital citizen, using the internet regularly and effectively makes you a citizen of this digital space. And we are so glad that you could help bring Fiji's Bula Spirit to this space!

So how can you be a good digital citizen? Check out these few easy tips:

  1. Have a strong password. How do you know if it's strong? It's more than 8 characters. It's using lower and upper case letters. It has number and even symbols like @. But make sure that you don't write it down because other people might find it.
  2. Stranger danger. Keep a look out for profiles that are not who they claim to be. Having lots of friends is great and being a good digital citizen means knowing who you friends are both online and offline. So double check no matter what.
  3. Skip the unknown links. Scams and hackers sometimes send links saying things like "this looks like you" or "I thought this was you", don't click on it. It is not you, it's a scam. Remove and delete it immediately. Even if it is coming from someone you talk to online regularly. 

You, your friends and your family can be good digital citizens today. Bring your Bula Spirit with you on your digital profiles. Fiji is for safer internet, and you can do your part by being a good digital citizen right now!


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Project Coordinator – 2024

Project Coordinator – 2024
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